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What training do you offer?

Semi-private and one-to-one personal training customised to your body, life and goals. Check out our services to learn more.

Can I train with an injury?

It depends on the stage of the injury. It’s important to chat with your practitioner and to get clearance before training. If you don’t have a practitioner, we can refer you through our network of highly qualified professionals. They’ll work with you to provide the appropriate diagnosis and create a plan of action for your training and rehabilitation.

Where are you located?

The CYTraining studio is based in Croydon North, Victoria.

What is your availability?

We have a variety of sessions available throughout the week. Get in touch to chat about what suits you best.

Do you train women pre and postpartum?

Yes, I do. Prior to doing any physical activity, you’ll need go through a thorough consultation and get medical clearance from your doctor and/or pelvic floor physiologist.

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