Fitness solutions designed for you

You’re ready to recondition your body and be fit for life.

You know the benefits of regular exercise.

Despite life trying to get in the way, you want to build strong and healthy habits by making your fitness a priority every week.

Maybe you were in the gym two days a week until you had kids. Then exercise got lost amongst the nappies, endless washing, and sleepless nights. Finding time for yourself seemed too hard.

Or maybe you’ve played a sport all your life until an injury ended your career.

Your injury, or a chronic illness, leaves you feeling unsure about how you to get back to your physical peak.

It’s hard figuring out what style of training is right for you when you’re in the rehab phase, doing the prescribed exercises and wanting to feel strong again.

I know how to get your training and body back to where you want it to be.

To rebuild your strength.

Reduce the pain.

And empower you to live a life without restrictions.

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Movement and Recovery

Moving your body improves your overall health and wellbeing. Movement impacts your physical, physiological and mental state. It’s an energy and mood booster.

A training program well-balanced between effort and recovery plus the quality of your movement are essential to success.

Make the most of your ability to be active and gain more energy!

Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation

Don’t let an injury or illness hold you back from your fitness goals.

Learn how to combine rehab and prehab protocols to build a strong body and prevent further injury.

No matter what your goal is – performance, rehab, strength building, weight loss or improved mindset…

With my knowledge and compassion, you’ll love your rehab training.


boosts your metabolism, enhances physical capabilities, improves your flexibility and enables you to do more than you ever thought possible.

Movement and recovery are not enough to make these happen. Getting stronger empowers you to believe in yourself because you’re capable of doing more.

Grow your confidence, boost your self-esteem, get strong and toned and improve your general health.

Ready to build the strongest, happiest version of you?

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Combined rehab workouts

We both know that rehabilitation is a long and boring road, especially when doing it alone.

You know you need to do it.

You’re disciplined and thorough for a couple of weeks then you give up. You stop making it a priority because it doesn’t excite you.

You keep going back to your practitioner, wishing they’d give the okay for you to start doing the exercises you enjoy.

You want to recover to:

  • Reduce your pain
  • Build your strength back up
  • Improve your mobility
  • Get back to your sport of choice
  • Or just get back to your healthy, everyday life without restrictions.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll work with you and your practitioner. Making sure you get the necessary exercises done for recovery and include your favourite movements.

Making gains, facilitating your recovery and creating fun training sessions for you. It’s time to start enjoying your rehab and get the results you want.

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The 6 Pillars to Building a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle isn’t whipped up overnight, it’s created day by day with small adjustments to your routine and habit.

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Putting the zest back into training

Hi, I’m Aude.

I’ll help you feel better by learning to improve your range of movement and get stronger.

With over five years of personal training experience, competing in Pentathlon Olympic qualifiers and CrossFit competitions, I know how to get the most out your workouts. (I’m even training to compete in an ironman race!)

Want to know the best way to target your goals?

Develop a strong knowledge of your body’s capabilities.

Before I start training a client, I make sure I understand:

  • their strengths
  • their limitations
  • what they like about exercise
  • what they loathe about it

I take a holistic approach, looking at your lifestyle, family schedule, and mindset.

We’ll talk about your why, discovering what’s going to motivate you to get started and keep going. Together, we’ll work out goals that will excite you and push you to be your best. Understanding this means I’m able to create a program you’ll love, stick with and start seeing results towards your goals.

Being consistent with your workouts becomes easy with me because your program is tailored to YOU. Your body, your fitness level, your strength, your goals.

Come and train with me at my studio in Croydon North. Together, we’ll maximise your performance while supporting your body along the way.

Ready to enjoy moving your body and feel better?

Train With Me

Some kind words from my happy clients

You have totally shifted my mindset over the years from and unhealthy strictly weight loss driven mindset to a mindset with the simple intention of being the healthiest, strongest I can be.


Aude is an amazing, caring and inspirational coach. She is fully invested in your wellbeing and I feel blessed every time she trains me. She has helped me improved not only my fitness and health but my total outlook on how my body functions in my day to day activities.


Aude is wonderful knowledgeable trainer. I had a goal of 100kg deadlift and planned how to get there with better technique and form. Few months later I am pregnant with twins, we still trained twice a week until 35weeks. All my training was modified to what I was allow and able to do then. I came back 6 weeks postpartum with a modified programmed tailored to me, suiting where I was as I had 1cm above belly button separation which quickly healed. I have no problem recommending Aude and she continuously thrives to learn more, keeping herself up to date and edge against the rest!


Overall training with Aude makes me feel very motivated and wanting to achieve even more "the right way".


Aude really “see’s” you and takes into account the whole physical profile. When I started with CY I was suffering from acute tennis elbow in both arms, back and hip problems from poor exercise philosophy. Focusing on the basics and introducing me to a new approach that kept me moving, impressively not only have I recovered but also kicking fitness milestones. You won’t find out of the box training at CY, Aude is attentive and mindful, she has her own unique brand of PT wisdom which yields results. I have complete confidence that in her care I will continue in my fitness success.


I have been training with Aude for a few years now & she is always educating me on new techniques & form to help me move & build my strength in my body. When I begun with Aude I couldn’t do much due to ongoing back pain but I can move freely & attempt every exercise safely as I’m supported by Aude to do so. She is always adapting & changing to suit my needs & help me train. Aude is very supportive even during COVID I was still supported & felt I kept motivated & moving with Aude’s tailored program. I highly recommend Aude for a knowledgeable local trainer that works to meet your needs & supports you to pain-free movement.

Jo. S