Building strong bodies and empowering minds through movement and functional training

Strength training shouldn’t be boring or the same for everyone.
Get fun and supportive programming tailored to you.

Hi, I’m Aude, owner of the CYTraining studio in Croydon North, and your local French-Australian Personal Trainer.

What you get when you train with me:

  • Understanding of your body and your physical capabilities
  • Empowerment through functional strength training
  • Increased energy, general wellbeing and injury prevention through movement quality and mobility
  • Safety through movement screening and tailored programming to suit you
  • Education through seminars and sessions
  • Community environment with our semi private strength and conditioning sessions

At CYTraining we believe everyone should able to live a healthy and active lifestyle, no matter their background, medical history, job or family.

My mission is to empower you, helping you discover and unleash your potential.

Want to create a better version of yourself?

Train With Me

Improve your health

Get stronger

Take your fitness to the next level

Lose weight

Rehab from an injury or from chronic pain

Or prepare yourself for a specific sport event

CYTraining supports each step towards achieving your goals.

My clients love the supportive and uplifting energy in our training sessions. They know my strictness is balanced by my excitement. When you nail a movement, you’ll definitely be the first to know with my loud “here it is” and “amazing” plus with my French arm-waving everywhere.

I celebrate harder than you do!

My training style is a combination of direct French attitude and Aussie enthusiasm. If you want a trainer who won’t put up with your excuses but cheers with you when you reach a personal record, that’s me.

Movement and Recovery

Physical exercise has so many benefits for your mind and your body.

The benefits of regular training go beyond making your body feel better.

  • Decreases chances of diabetes and heart disease
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Improves brain function
  • Better weight control
  • Boosts energy
  • Regulates hormones

Regular exercise in a safe and supportive environment brings you even more.

  • Improves mobility
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Creates a sense of worth and empowerment
  • Increases your work productivity and self-drive
  • Improves quality of sleep

Get the discipline, drive, and grit to do more and be more in every aspect of life.

Our motto is move better, feel better, live better.


Feeling strong empowers you to create the life you want.

It’s the small things like being able to carry two bags of shopping from the car to the fridge, instead of one. Or having the energy to play with your grandkids. Or planning a holiday with heaps of activities.

When you’re strong, you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Increasing your muscle mass reduces your risk of injury, boosts metabolism and increases bone density too.

Developing self-empowerment makes us feel better about ourselves and what we are capable of achieving.

Strength training is essential for your general wellbeing, to keep body composition balanced, it improves mobility and stability too, all vital for quality of life as we age.

Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation

Getting over an injury brings a lot of doubts and concerns about what your body is capable of.

Whether it’s a short-term or a chronic injury, it’s important to have a trainer who understands where you are with your injury recovery. A coach who knows when your body is ready for the next level and how to adjust exercises to accommodate your injury.

If you’ve got an ongoing illness, we work with what you have control over.

Learning to appreciate your body and work within its boundaries brings the best gains.

Training is adaptable to all situations and levels. If you want to train and build or rebuild, I am here to make it work for you.

Because there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing you achieve your goals, doing things you’ve been told you would never be capable of doing.

Moving your body to change your life

I first started training because I was in a physically demanding job, working 70+ hours a week. I wasn’t doing anything for myself. My work revolved around everyone else and their achievements. I focussed on supporting them and doing nothing for me as an evolving human being.

I was working too much, eating too much, drinking too much…all the excess made me feel lousy so I decided to start working out.

I took my training very seriously. I loved doing something for me and no-one else. Focussing on myself. I still take my training seriously and preach this through my coaching.

Exercising increased my energy, cleared my mind and I felt amazing. I said goodbye to self-consciousness, wearing whatever I wanted. The goal wasn’t to lose weight, but I lost 35kg over 18 months. It boosted my self-esteem and made me want to train with more purpose. I was so excited to discover what else my body was capable of achieving.

I’ve always believed in learning to enjoy the process.

Because if you work hard and enjoy it, the results follow. You’ve created something even bigger for yourself. Changing your ways and loving the work gives you the drive to stick with it.

Reflecting on my journey, from weighing over 100 kilos to completing multiple half marathons and pentathlons, made me realise I wanted to help others to change too.

I saw people feeling miserable. Wishing they could make changes but struggling to get started. Launching my business, I wanted to empower them to feel strong and happy like I did.

While running my business, I went on to compete in CrossFit and loved it. Finding new ways to exercise and challenge my body kept me motivated.

So far, I’ve competed in:

  • Equestrian eventing
  • Running two sub 2-hour half marathons
  • Pentathlons (I ran for the Rio Olympic Qualifier)
  • CrossFit (placed 2nd at the first Aussie throwdown final)

I’ve also worked for Australian Olympic riders representing Australia. Wearing the Australian flag at multiple international events.

All sports are challenging and demanding of time, discipline, dedication and a high level of training.

But I love the work and the process that goes with the journey.

Life’s unexpected interruptions

But it all stopped when I injured my back.

The experience of being in constant pain, struggling with everyday tasks, (as small as getting dressed), and held back from doing what I loved, built a stronger sense of compassion and empathy for others in me.

It changed my whole perspective on life, coaching and human interaction.

Going through this showed me the doubts, pain and concerns that come with injuries and rehabilitation. I used my own experience and recovery, to learn more, practice and understand how the body functions. Understanding how it repairs and rebuilds through good coaching.

My training style changed.

So did the level of results I was getting for my clients.

Suddenly they were loving their training more and reaching their goals faster. Their bodies were recovering and making progress quicker. I was able to help people build stronger bodies through rehabilitation.

When you enjoy your training, it gets easier.

Learning to enjoy the process, loving getting fit, means your dedication to your fitness, your nutrition and your lifestyle habits improve.

My goal is to see you putting maximum effort into your training.

Finding enjoyment in working towards your goals. Because when you enjoy getting strong it all becomes so much easier.

Ready to enjoy moving your body and feel better?

Train With Me