Personal training solutions for every body

Learn how to train the right way for you

Fitness is not a click and collect situation.

It takes time, effort and knowledge to create changes. That’s why I offer programs tailored to what you need, 100% customised to you to reach your goals.

Because each body has its own challenges, I create personal training solutions suited to your unique strengths and weaknesses.

Train With Me

Tailor made training packages


My clients love their semi-private training sessions.

No matter what their goal is, how old they are, or if they have an injury or illness, they all enjoy working alongside each other.

In a small group setting, you’ll gain the support of those around you and the motivation to push a little harder and get satisfaction from it.

Your tailored program allows you to work on your progress, training with like-minded people and gaining the support of a community.

Semi-private sessions give you instant feedback on your technique and programming through multiple sessions a week.

Semi-private training provides:

  • Regular technique feedback
  • More time with a trainer
  • Accountability,
  • Flexibility around life and work
  • Programming adaptability


This is perfect if you are after technical feedback on your movement, major lifts and need a bit more attention through your session.

If your schedule changes a lot, one-on-one sessions are best because they slot around your busy life.

Ideal if you have a particular event to train for, if you are going through rehabilitation, or if you are starting back with your training after pregnancy. One-on-one sessions give you the personalised attention you need.

If you’re recovering from an injury, often I’ll start working with you one on one.

When your rehab moves to the next phase, a combination of semi-private and one-on-one is ideal.

What’s the key to staying motivated?

Setting an unachievable end date on your fitness goal is a fast way to dull your motivational edge. When you realise it’s impossible to hit a personal best of a 100kg deadlift in 4 weeks, or being able to run a marathon in one month, you just give up.

Goal setting needs to be realistic and achievable. The more tangible and personal your goal is, the better your chances of enjoying the journey and reaching it.

All goals require different amounts of time and work.

You have to be willing to put the time, effort and discipline towards the process.

Learn to enjoy the little steps of progress made along the way.

Training on the days when you’re full of energy and on the days when you just can’t be bothered. Together we’ll build your resilience towards hitting your targets.

My clients enjoy working with me because I’ll give them a realistic view of what’s achievable and I put everything into helping them get there.

I’m picky on your form, helping you to build towards great movement. But when you do, I’ll be celebrating like you won a gold medal.

I get excited about a well-executed movement.

Because I focus on every detail, the performance you get out of training with me is the highest that you’re capable of.

Why you never reach your maximum potential

Whenever I see a client not chasing their goal hard enough, I ask why?

I spend time not just looking at their training block and their effort in the gym. I also look at their lifestyle, work or family schedule. Their stress levels, recovery and nutrition. I take all aspects of life into consideration. These are our pillars for balance and success.







There’s always a reason why you’re holding back consciously or unconsciously.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re ready to make changes and do the hard work that will get results. But sometimes you need someone to keep you motivated and on track. I’m your accountability partner to get you towards your goals. Honest and upfront, I know when you’re justifying a lack of commitment to your workouts.

Respecting your uniqueness, I’ll work with you in a way that feels comfortable to you. But still pushing you to guide you through the hard times and get you closer to your goal.

We’ll work together with what you have control over, our pillars for success.

You have control over how much you move your body.

You have control over how often you train.

You have control over your effort and dedication.

I’ll keep you on track as long as you’re willing to put in your best effort. Together we’ll empower you to feel strong and worthy of the life you want to live.

Train With Me